Fill out and send back to me then send an empty one to everyone to have them fill out


Your Name- Jayne Marche

Nicknames- Jayne

Birthday- Sept. 10

~*HAVE YOU??*~

Been kissed? Yes..a few times.

Eaten an entire box of Oreos? No..I just can't make eat that many. Now, ChipsAhoy? That's another story.

Been on stage? Yes

Gotten in a car accident? I'll plead the 5th, but I'd like it to be known that I was framed.

Death Valley on horseback? Um..no.

Stayed home? From what? School? Yes. Work? Yes. When I shouldn't have? Yes

Made homemade fudge? Yes and it was FABULOUS.

Seen the Eiffel tower? Alas, only in pictures.


Shampoo:  Right now, Herbal Essences "Tousle me Softly"

Soap: Dove

Color: Red

Day: Thursday

Night: The one in which I sleep 8 hours. (Hoping to meet at least one of these)

Band: Today? Switchfoot and BareNaked Ladies. And Lady Antebellum

Season: Spring

Commercial: Anything with a BlueBell singing cow.


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no. sigh.

Do you have a crush on someone: yes.

Do you have a best friend? yes

Do you rank your speed dial in order of favorite friends? no..but you can tell who I call often.

Who’s your funniest friend? Hm..C.

Who do you go to the mall with the most? Prolly The Man..but I tend to avoid malls in general.

Who do you e-mail the most? C

Who have you known the longest of your friends? C

Who’s the loudest? C

Who’s the shyest? G

Whose parents do you know the best? The Man

Who do you go to for advice? The Man, followed by C

Who knows all your secrets? The Man...and C

Who do you get the most surveys from? Ha...no one!

Who are you jealous of? people with boyfriends

Who do you cry with? The Man.

What is your usual quote? My usual quote?? What does that mean? Um..my favorite is "Hope is a thing with feathers" (Emily Dickinson)


Cried? no

Eaten fluf? Probably. It happens.

Helped someone? Yup

Bought something? Yes..another Barnes & Noble day.

Dissected something? Only the code for this blog.

Cut your hair? no

Worn a skirt? yes

Worn a tie? no

Been mean? No. Wanted to? Hell, yes.

Been sarcastic? Yep..I wouldn't be me otherwise.

Gone for a run? HAHAHAHAHA..no.

Gone for a walk? Yes

Gone to the movies? No, but I thought about it.

Gone out for dinner? Yes..

Been kissed? :( no.

Felt stupid? Yes.

Said “I love you”? Yes..do Daddies count?

Written a letter? No.

Written a paper? Yes...I much prefer it.

Taken a test? No

Met someone new? Yes

Moved on? Um..I don't know.

Written in a journal? Yes...that's the paper thing, you know?

Watched your favorite movie? No

Talked to someone you have a crush on?  Yes

Given someone a present? No.

Missed someone? Yes, very much

Hugged someone? No

Had a nightmare? Yes

Fought with your parents? Nope.

Fought with a friend? Nope.

Been Scared? Yes


Showered? This morning.

Ate a meal? About an hour ago.

What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a t-shirt...my uniform

Are you tired? Kind of

Are you lonely? Yes, very much

Are you happy? Sort of

Are you wearing pajamas?  See above..no.

Are you hungry? Not at all..stuffed actually

Are you eating? Um..no..but thinking about a piece of chocolate.

Are you talking to someone online? Not currently

Are you ready for this survey to end? Ugh..yes.

How long did this survey take you?  15 minutes



Type of sandwich: I don't eat sandwiches.

Coffee or hot chocolate? Hmm...yes

Cold or hot weather? Cold

Big or little? medium

Lace or satin? Satin

Red or blue? Red

New or old? depends, what are we talking about?

Here or there? Here

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Quietly Sexy...

My name isn't really Jayne, but I love my alter-ego self. Jayne's the brave bit of me...the other is..well. Not.

This blog is really where I work out my life. They say (whoever they is) that you have to really turn something over and over in your mind to make sense of it. So...you guys get to find out about me.
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So you wanna....?

Contact me?

Or check out my other blog...that's a little lonely...

What Jayne Says
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