Jon & Kate = Big Freakin' Mess

I can't believe I arranged my evening based on a reality TV show last night. That irks me.

I think what irks me more is that the show was "Jon & Kate +8." We all knew what was coming, how could ANYONE have been surprised. I can't believe I took pleasure in watching the disintegration of a marriage, complete with callousness and bitterness on air last night. But it was sold to me. I had to watch it.

I didn't realize just how ridiculous I was until much later last night. A good friend called. C. has recently gotten hooked on Jon & Kate. Who knows why--he's a boy and there are no good explanations for anything he does. *wink*

We got to talking about why the world has progressed to the point that we can't wait for the opportunity to watch someone else's pain, why we live for drama. Not literally all of us "we," but we, society in general. It's really rather sad that we've allowed ourselves to become this way.

We all know the why and the how. It's just really sad. And I understand that this is why some people don't mind not ever watching TV. It really isn't worth the drama or the pointless shows. Reality TV shows aren't for showing the world at it's best, they're for showing the world at it's worst.

Our whole conversation left me in a weird sea of emotions--the one I liked the least was having to admit that I'd succumbed to the ridiculousness. But if someone had to point it out (with out pointing and laughing, of course), I'm rather glad it was C.
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