Christmas Adam

So, it's 6:40 on the morning of Christmas Adam. Once again, The Wonder Dog has opted to make an early run outside and then go back to bed.

Do you know what my Christmas dream is this year? A backyard and a doggie door.

No, really, I have the same wish I do every year--that more and more the miracle of Christmas will involve far more than Santa making it around the earth in a night and people getting extra days off from work.
So, this morning, since I'm up, I'm trying to find something that isn't an infomercial or the news on TV. The only thing I've landed on the Ashlee Simpson show. She's Christmas shopping, I think. One of her pals just called the Beverly Hills police because some people, who might be photographers are following them around time.
Wow, that's gotta be tough. Getting followed around by photographers. Having to call the cops so you can shop in peace. I called the cops last night 'cuz the drunk guy downstairs got into a fight on his porch with his drunk girl at 2 a.m. They didn't wake me up. It was Wonder Dog having a fit about them fighting outside the bedroom window. So, I called the cops. Apparently, I was the 3rd call.
When the cops got here, the guy was yelling at my window to shut the dog up. The cops walked up and he says "I'm glad you're here. Can you ask that bitch to shut her dog up? He does this every night and wakes us all up." The cop says, "Sure, I'll talk to her, but you should know that we had 4 calls from this complex about noise in the last 20 minutes. None of them mentioned a dog barking, but all of them mentioned you." Teehee!
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3 Response to "Christmas Adam"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Dec 23, 2005, 10:27:00 PM

    funny....hope your having a great break.

  2. equarles says:
    Dec 23, 2005, 10:28:00 PM

    good Lord....first I can't sign in right, then I can't spell you're correctly. geez.....

  3. jayne says:
    Dec 24, 2005, 8:31:00 AM

    Ah, well...we can't all be perfect all the time ;)

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