I just looked at my calendar for the week. I do this every Sunday night, I guess I'm starting the great switching of gears, getting ready for Monday morning. This week, though, there's something bizarre about my schedule...

There's very little on it.

I mean, there's work stuff, and boy, those days are packed. But there's almost nothing else. In fact, only one day has anything scheduled beyond 4 p.m.

I flipped threw my book for the year...there's no other week since school started that can boast this lack of evening events.

Flip back a bit more...there's no week in 2006 that meets that criteria. Even spring break had evening stuff...and dog-sitting.

You know, I'm willing to bet there hasn't been a week in at least 2 years that didn't have something at least two of the nights. It almost feels wrong, like "what have I forgotten to write down?"

I love it.
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