Too bad to die young

Had an interesting train of thought the other old friend, K, started it.

I was telling him a little about some medical troubles I've been having. Nothing major. Just stuff to get over. He commented that I'm too bad to die young. was worth a short giggle.

But I got to thinking about it...It's not that I'm bad. Well, not really. I guess it's more that I feel like maybe I haven't been very good at living. You'd think after 31 (eek) years I'd have a better handle on it.

I just don't know..I feel like I've not focused on things that are really important. I haven't honestly been thankful for every bit of the life I've been given. Most importantly, I'm not grateful.

More on this. Soon..not months from now. Promise.
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1 Response to "Too bad to die young"

  1. LuluBunny says:
    Jan 28, 2008, 11:30:00 AM

    Well, I have a whole year on you, and generally feel like my life is just now about to start (and that I am only NOW beginning to figure things out). There are times when I'm tempted to think I've wasted time, but instead, I usually think of it as a slower form of progress than I would have chosen if I had full control over things, due to the current I'm swimming against being stronger than I bargained for.

    And as for being too bad to die young - I'm sure I am, LOL .. but I always use the phrase "too mean to die young" as in: my grandmother isn't going anywhere anytime soon - she's too mean to die young, lol ;)

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