What Peter Had

Over on Eternal Echoes, Sally poses an interesting question.

"I wonder, do we still have what Peter had? Do we have the faith to believe in a God who heals, that as we go about our everyday lives and are surrounded by suffering and needs are we able to reach beyond ourselves and place our faith in a God who has such compassion upon the suffering of humanity that he will bring healing there and then?"

It's made me think, because in my meditations during the last few weeks, I've asked for some healing myself.

Here's what I said on Sally's post:

I think that we often assume that we need to do something to kick-start the miracle. We've got to do something more than just pray. It's a human condition to "fix" things, to feel that inaction means no action will take place at all.
I also think we have a convoluted concept of healing--it doesn't have to be physical to be miraculous.

I think the miracle is in that God hears us at all. That I can say anything to someone who actually has the power to do something at all. Often, that is all I need. Sometimes, I think the fact that someone felt moved to speak to Him at all opens the door to move in someone's heart or to have Him stir the pot, so to speak.
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