On purpose

I went because I don't sleep.

I left with a psych consult and a scrip. (two medical-ese terms I'd never have used before watching E.R.)

I don't know how I got to this place. I'm supposed to be better than this, somehow. I've always handled "the blues" by myself and successfully. I guess. Maybe that's not being fair to myself. A lot led to this point.


One of my friends told us yesterday that his supervisor signed an email to him with "have good day on purpose."

What a great closing, great piece of advice.

The other day, in a bookstore, I found a book called Happiness is a Choice. Sure it is.

No, I'm not being sarcastic--happiness is a choice. It's just not a choice all of us can make and follow through with. Sometimes we aren't equipped to follow through. Sometimes, things deeper-seated than our thoughts are in the way.

I, on purpose, expect to have good, good days. Unfortunately, something in my head limits that sometimes. That's part of the reason why, though I'm surprised at how my visit turned out, I'm not..really.
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