A night to remember

So, I had a date last night (we'll call him G). We were supposed to have dinner and catch a movie. Ha.

We met outside a little restauarant near the movie theater, only to discover it was closed. We left my car there and went over to a restaurant a few minutes away. Dinner was great. It's easy to talk to G. He's funny, smart, keeps up with my sense of humor. Just an all-around good guy from what I've seen, and not hard to look at, either. I've thoroughly enjoyed both evenings I've spent with him.

We go back over to grab my car and head to the movie only to discover my car's been towed. Lovely. There was a sign in the lot that I saw, but I never imagined that it would be gone an hour and 15 minutes after I parked it--who's to say I wasn't eating in one of the restaurants that was open in the strip center? Turns out, G had his truck towed from the same place about a year ago.

So, G offers to pay for to get the car back (very sweet, if you're reading this, thank you again.). Three phone calls later, we pull into a spot on the street and walk up to the office at the storage lot. The guy working there wants nees my driver's license--which I've indavertently left in Angleton. We race out to catch the notary parked outside and get a power of attorney notarized so that G can remove my car from the lot. Then, we discover that the lot only takes cash and it's to the tune of $171.89 ("exact change please, $172 will be fine")! We hunt for an ATM, get the cash, run back, and manage to still get my car out of the lot by 11. Ugh.

Looking at the paperwork, I was parked less than an hour when they towed it. Shit.

As we were crawling back in his truck to go find an ATM, I told him that I would do whatever to make it up to him, only half-jokingly--whatever he wants, don't even ask, just tell me what it is.

The funny thing is, as screwed up as the evening was, I had a good time. A really good time. I enjoyed his company, talking with him, and laughing at ourselves over the car. I told him it was one of the more...interesting...dates that I'd had before, and probably the only one that I had a good time regardless of the events.

Gonna have to try that date again though, minus the towing.

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