Things I've learned in the past 10 days

1. The last person you want to deal with when trying to get a check for your totaled vehicle is an insurance adjustor who's new to the job.

2. You can detect muscle spasms with an x-ray (actually, you can see the changes in disc spacing in your spine or neck and determine that it is likely caused by muscle spasms).

3. Honda sells its base level CRV for the same sticker price as everyone else sells their comparable mini-SUVs with options. The other companies also offer better warranties and often gas mileage.

4. Shaving a dog is absolutely no fun. But he's damn cute when you're done.

5. Male Opossums have 2 penises (is that peni?). I don't know why, they just do. Must suck to be a girl opossum. Must be where we get that phrase from.

6. Everyone knows of a great neurosurgeon in the area, but apparently great neurosurgeons either don't have memorable names or aren't on my insurance.

7. Anywhere else on the body, a 1.1 cm size cyst wouldn't be too big a deal, but put it IN someone's face and suddenly people start talking removal.

8. I've apparently had arthritis in my neck for years. Took a damn car accident to find it--that and the cyst in my face and on my thyroid.
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