A.C. the wonder dog

I got my first furry, all to myself pet just before Christmas. He is my absolute pride and joy. My house is littered with toys--both "on-purpose" toys and those that he has designated toys. I have 3 kinds of treats, puppy vitamins, a product called Good Dog (fabulous stuff), leashes, harnesses, you name it, I've got it or have thought about getting it.

A.C. surprises me daily. We've got a little lamb toy we call Lam-buh (R christened it). I'll ask him where Lam-buh is and he'll run around the house making this "buh, buh" noise looking for it. Makes me wonder if he's calling it, you know?

He's such a character. When I fall asleep on the couch, he'll wake me up before I've been out too long so I can go crawl in bed. He already understands that I don't actually get up until the 4th time the alarm goes off in the morning. He doesn't even move anymore until that one.

Yesterday, he sang along to the radio with me. He'd been quiet and still in the seat next to me, then I started singing the song on the radio. He perked up and started singing, too. The song I ended, I quit singing and he went back to dozing.
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1 Response to "A.C. the wonder dog"

  1. Glod says:
    Mar 16, 2005, 5:46:00 PM

    Ah, the need for humans to personify animals is wonderfull. Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe I shouldn't have read Vehicles by Valentino Braitenberg.
    Well, anyway, this was nice. Maybe you should visit me one day.

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