Not in my house!

I get most of my news off the Internet. I can read through only what interests or affects me and get it all done in about 15 minutes, as opposed to having to watch an hour's worth of news (local and national/world) complete with bad hair, bad jokes, human interest stories that aren't terribly interesting, and commercials. I hate commercials.

Sometimes, I read the news on the "Oddly Enough" link on Yahoo news. Sometimes, it's a reminder that there are in fact people out there that do incredibly stupid things and that (regardless of what dumb thing I just did) I'm not one of them. But today, I read this Like Something out of a Cartoon.

In short, someone has developed an alarm clock that actually works to get you out of bed. Apparently, after the first time you hit snooze, it rolls off. When it goes off again, you have to go hunting for it in order to turn it off. no. I have absolutely no desire to chase my alarm clock. I get up at, oh, 5:30ish Monday through Friday. It takes a me a good 30 minutes to become functional. In that 30 minutes, I've had a couple of cups of coffee, I've walked the dog, and read part of the paper. No hunting, no searching, and, frankly, no talking. My mornings are nice. Why in the world would I need to ruin that with an honest to goodness traveling alarm clock?

Maybe some people need this. I can think of a couple of people in my life who definitely could. You won't see me with one though.
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3 Response to "Not in my house!"

  1. Glod says:
    Mar 26, 2005, 7:54:00 PM

    In gadget catalouges I've seen alarm clocks that fire four jigsaw-like pieces into the air and won't stop ringing until you replace them. Although I can see the appeal of a clocky.

  2. jayne says:
    Mar 26, 2005, 9:10:00 PM

    Good Lord! Just what I need--an air assault upon waking. Or, my luck, the dog would get ahold of a piece and I'd never get the damn thing turned off.

  3. Glod says:
    Mar 27, 2005, 5:42:00 PM

    That reminds me of one of my rats. He used to eat anything he'd find, and though normally sociable he'd turn away if you approached him when he had food. Sometimes I used to have to catch him, flip him on his back with one hand holding him round the neck and use my other hand to extract blue tac (Do you have that in America? Anyway, it's like putty for sticking posters up) from his still chewing teeth. All while he was squeeling and writhing. I miss him.

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