PSA, revisited

Okay, look, read carefully.

I said my friend was "surprised/embarassed." Those words are NOT synonymous with "offended." As far as I can tell, he wasn't offended, just hadn't expected to come across something like that in my blog--I seem far more innocent/reserved than I truly am. He wasn't prepared for it. Imagine suddenly finding out your sister/aunt/mother would write about things like that and invite you to read them when you've always seen her in a June Cleaver role. You'd blush, too.

On another note, Rudicus is right (see the comments on the original post.) If the guy I'd been speaking with had been my best friend for 10 years, no it wouldn't have been rude. It's rude for a person who has only known of my existence for a few days and never seen me in person to ask those sorts of questions and assume I'll just go along with it.
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