Okay, so I'm digging here a bit. I'd like a little more interaction from all of you dear readers.

Question: Are you really only as old as you act?

Okay, so maybe not physically, and certainly not chronologically. But, I have reason to be believe that emotionally/psychologically you are only as old as you act.

Case in point, guy I dated most recently. Aside from the icky co-dependency thing (see previous post), I have a real hard time being with someone who doesn't behave as an adult more often than acting like a child. Being a kid at heart is one thing, not being an adult ever is another.

To be fair, he did behave as an adult at times--when at work, dealing with clients. Occasionally in public (very occasionally). Most of the time, though, no..not at all. He's a chef, a good one. When we'd go out to eat, he'd have to criticize things--the wait staff "auctioned" the food, the hors d'oeuvres that were catered at my friend's reception, whatever. If he wasn't criticizing food or waitstaff, he was one-upping everything I said. I shared a memory of a freakin' donut shop one evening, and he had to tell me that his mother had worked there and he had all the recipes (this had to have been when he was a kid). Who the hell cares? 12 year olds behave that way, not adults.

So, yes, I would be inclined to think you are only as old as you act.

What do you think?
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2 Response to " "

  1. Rudicus says:
    Jul 6, 2005, 10:53:00 AM

    I do agree that you are only as old as you act and that it is important to blend adultness in with your childlike qualities.

    But to me it doesn't sound like this guys is acting like a 12 year old - it sounds like he's just a dick.

    We need to talk about your date picking, you either need to find a new hunting ground or better pre-date intelligence - I think you can do much better than these schmos.

  2. jayne says:
    Jul 6, 2005, 11:24:00 AM

    Honey, you're speaking gospel. The problem is rarely on my end (though I'll admit it is occasionally). The problem is the pool. I need to move...far away.

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