There's actually TWO bewildering story lines in the following "news" article.

Pack of Angry Chihuahuas Attack Officer

First, there's whole "chihuahuas attacking officer" bit. I mean, that's just funny. I can envision the ribbing he'll get for days to come. And can't you just hear the conversation with a grandchild one day?

"Grandpa, were you ever shot at while working?" (obviously, the boy's totally in awe of the whole "grandpa was a cop" thing.)

"No, kiddo, but I was once viciously attacked."

"Really, Grandpa?? What happened???"

"Well, I had to take a boy home after he'd made some bad choices while driving. Just as we reached the door of his house, all this loud noise started up. I drew my gun, ready to meet the attacker head-on. When the door opened, out rushed FIVE attackers. I couldn't do anything to protect myself against those odds."

"Were you hurt?"

"Yes...I still have the scars. See? Right here on my ankle, you can still see the teeth marks. It was horrible I tell you, just horrible."


The other bewildering story is at the end of the article. Woman calls in 2 hours before the attack above to report that someone has broken into her home and put porn on her computer. Now, no other damage was done, nobody was hurt, nothing taken.

I can't even begin to comment anymore on this one, the words just aren't there because I just can't wrap my brain around it. Feel free to comment for me.

I can hear a friend of mine right now...."How come things like that don't ever happen to me???"
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1 Response to "Bewildering"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Jan 24, 2006, 5:22:00 PM

    when I grow up I'm gonna be a chihuahua victim rehab therepist. think of the lives I will impact. Beaner-dog molested individuals from all over the world will come to my clinic and be released from the strangling hold the fear the mini monstrosities chains on them.

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