New Year's Resolutions

He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool. ~~F. M. Knowles, A Cheerful Year Book

I meant to post yesterday, but sleeping late and eating with family, as well as the traditional New Year's Day nap took precedent. Ah well, those of you who are still around, will still be here today, right?

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. Sure, there's things I should quit doing, or alter about my life, but resolving to do them in my head, even putting them on paper or saying them out loud in the presence of someone other than the Wonder Dog won't make me do them. I know this for a fact, seeing as how I made resolutions up until 2003. Did I ever keep a one of them? Well, maybe the do more Bible study one, but not the others.

Instead, you may have noticed that I added a 43 Things list to my sidebar. These are the things I want to do in my life. There's no time limit (well, the turning 30 gracefully dream kinda does have to happen in 2006, since you only turn 30 once, thank God.). Just, at some point, I want to be able to say that I'm doing, have done, or am maintaining those things. Call 'em resolutions if you want. I see them as more of a "Things to do before I die" list. It's a revolving/evolving list.

Regardless, I hope your New Year's celebrations were wonderful. If you made some resolutions, that's great! Good luck on the road to meeting them (and I don't say that sarcastically, even though it sounds like I did in my own head.).
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1 Response to "New Year's Resolutions"

  1. Cal the Wonderdog says:
    Jan 5, 2006, 1:19:00 PM

    My resolution this year was to not make any resolutions!

    Instead I vow to continue doing whatever I want until my humans stop me (like chewing on toys, rolling in frozen squirrels, etc.)


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