I just don't know...

I'm not sure about this.

Serial killer nurse allowed to donate kidney

Maybe I'm being a bit too silly, but I'm not so sure I'd want any sort of organ from a convicted serial killer. Seems to me it would be inviting bad karma.

Not that I really understand this whole "karma" concept. So, in an effort to educate myself and, thus, you dears, I've done some reading.

Check this one out. Yahoo!'s new AskYahoo! feature is pretty cool. Ask a question, and a team answers it. Can be as far-fetched as you can dream.

Anyway, karma is basically the idea that every thing you do, good or bad, will cause a reaction in your future. The good things you do will return good things, the bad things will return bad. Easy enough, right? Well, dig a bit more--it's also about intention. If you meant for your actions to be negative, then you'll get negative reactions. If your actions wound being beneficial to others, but you hadn't intended that or don't know it's happened, then you don't bank good karma.

Would the (intentional) sins of the hand be visited on the kidney? (I know, that's a little dramatic sounding, but, oh well.)

Sorry, my train of thought is a little weird sometimes.
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2 Response to "I just don't know..."

  1. equarles says:
    Mar 19, 2006, 12:29:00 AM

    i love karma. i love karma.

  2. Kodijack says:
    Mar 19, 2006, 6:24:00 PM

    I would have no problem with this, I think that all condenmed killers should HAVE to donate all of their organs.

    Although I am not sure that they can, considering the methods of expiration.

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