Wasting away again...

Wish I could say say I'm in Margaritaville. Instead, I'm on the couch again. Searching for the "fancy" creamer I just know I carried over here after I poured a cup of coffee.

No, wait. I see it sitting on the bar. Damn. Wonder if this is the morning The Force will kick in for me. Hold on...almost...there......ugh. No. Be right back.

Aahh...much better. Now that the sleep fuzzies are starting to clear, I'm ready for you guys. Question is, are you ready for me? *giggle* Whatever, right?

Anyway, as I sit here on the couch, watching the " women in trouble/are trouble" channel (a.k.a. Lifetime Movie Network), I'm perusing the news again. Let's see what I can glean today.

On the MSN front page...

The first thing that jumps out at me on the MSN page is never the revolving square with the the picks of the day. Instead, it's the text links just below (I'm sure I'm a marketing nightmare).

Today, the headline "Naval sex cases rarely tried" catches my eye right off the bat. Maybe it's because I'm still half-asleep, but the first thought in my head was "Naval? How in the world do you do that? I must read this story and found out more." Apparently, it's about sexual assault (rape) cases at the Naval Academy and other universities. Now, I'm not a journalist, just a lowly librarian/English major, but I'm thinking that headline would definitely win some award on the UIL circuit.

Hm, the "Suggested Searches" list always intrigues me. This morning it lists Mount Vesuvius and the infamous Neverland Ranch. Wonder how those two made it on the same list?

On Yahoo! News...

Strippers Win Right to Meal Breaks, OT (Australia) Did you know strippers had unions? And apparently the Australian union lobbies for better working environments. This got me though--"Its members are believed to work mainly in strip bars and as erotic dancers." Obviously, I don't know much about this profession. Other than bachelor parties, what other venues are there for strippers to work?

Man Says Stripper Delivered a Rob-O-Gram Man opens door to leave for Bible study. Met at door by woman who says she's there to deliver a strip-o-gram ordered by a friend. Man says "sure, go ahead (I can be late to Bible study, right?)." Another man barges in with a knife claiming homeowner owes money for earlier services--man agrees and says he owes money for "sex one time" but not the other time when she fell asleep first. I sure hope he's spending more time in Bible study--apparently he needs it.

Police Rescue Moose Tangled in Swingset The end of the story says that the moose walked away without looking back. Can't you just hear his thoughts "Geez, I hope none of the guys saw me, I'll never hear the end of it."

Man Wins 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Contest And now he's off to a national tournament in Vegas. What in the world?

Mayor Wants Nude Cycle Race Called Off In this New Zealand town, apparently, exposing your self falls short of an offense, so they can't call the race off on account of visible hoo-hahs (and the children that might see them). Instead, they're going after racers for not wearing helmets while cycling--which apparently is an offense. Thank goodness we have standards, friends.

On a different note...
There's a reality show about cheerleaders? Why?

So, there it is. A pot (4-cup) of coffee and 90 minutes later and I've reviewed things that made me stop. Yes, I read other, "important" news (I'm not a rube. Not so much anyway.)

Enjoy your Saturday.
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1 Response to "Wasting away again..."

  1. equarles says:
    Mar 19, 2006, 12:28:00 AM

    a rube? i have no idea what that is. but slightly different? maybe...
    As always, consider the source.

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