Someone please explain this to me.

Lots of high schools (if not most all) have an option to take dual/concurrent classes, whereby you get college and high school credit for some of the basics, like English or Government. The school I teach in offers several, and when you take them, you get AP credit on your GPA. Personally, haven taken the AP classes my school offered (same school incidently) AND the college classes from the same junior college the school works with, I don't think it's a legitimate trade.

Case in point:

Today, I learned that English college class was watching an episode of Seinfeld during the class. It was the basis for their essay on drama.

Let me put it another way: Their essays were to be about drama as depicted in Seinfeld episodes.

I'm so confused. How is Seinfeld drama? Why would a college Composition & Rhetoric class be writing a paper on the drama in a sitcom?

Why does someone think that this is worth AP credit, when the AP class (all 2 of them) is writing critical surveys of Shakespeare and Chaucer? Granted, they may never need the critical knowledge of those 2 again in their lives, but really, how's Seinfeld any more applicable?
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1 Response to "Someone please explain this to me."

  1. Kodijack says:
    Apr 15, 2006, 7:18:00 PM

    High schools have been dumbed down, college is dumb downed, I would really appreciate what you have to say on this matter.

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