Turned on the news this morning (note, it's only 5:43 at this point, and I've been up for nearly an hour. Wonder Dog had a nightmare and woke me up with his "scare the crap outta Mommy" bark).

Immediately, immediately, realized I had the wrong news show on. I never watch the NBC affiliate in the morning. The regular guy on there bothers me. I think he's plastic. I always watch the CBS one, I like those people better.

Anyway, blonde chick on NBC hit on 2 of my pet peeves in roughly 45 seconds. First--perky morning people. You can be bright and warm in the morning and not be perky. This is not cheerleading, you know? It's the news and you're talking about a auto-cow accident on the freeway. Come on.

Other thing--she pronounced a pretty well-known word. At least I think it is. In a report about a demonstration at a major Civil War battlefield site over the weekend, she mispronounced the name of the site not once, not twice, but 6 times. SIX TIMES.

Tell me, how do you pronounce the word "Antietam?" Take a wild guess how she did.
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1 Response to "Peevish"

  1. atownrunner says:
    Jun 13, 2006, 12:20:00 AM

    I give up. How? Maybe I'm afraid to guess.

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