The morning after.

I love the day after Thanksgiving. While everyone else is up early to go shopping, I'm still laying in bed, my nice warm, soft bed. I'm propped in the window, watching the crazies race for their cars and to the mall. I hear the Big Lots opened at 6, that must be why I heard a few cars starting at 5:30 this morning.

I don't Christmas shop that way. I think the advent of online shopping was the answer to my prayers. (Yes, MY personal prayers, never mind all you other people). I hate crowds and I hate shoppers. What happens on the day after Thanksgiving (traditionally called Black Friday in the retail world)? There are crowds of shoppers. Thank you, God--we now have online shopping and I know how to use it.

Now, in my house, this is the day reserved for TV marathons (both me watching and what they plan to show). I'm torn between the movie marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel today and watching something remotely intelligent--like the "Dive to Bermude Triangle" show on the Science Channel. Whatever I do, I'm seeing snacks in my future. Lots of 'em.
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