Sunday morning cartoons

So, I'm up way too early this morning. So, I'm watching cartoons on CBS (because the remote is on the coffee table and I'm just not interested in moving.).

This one is called "Horseland." Let me tell you what I see wrong here.
  1. It's the adventures of 4 kids and their stable of horses. Yeah, the majority of America can identify with this.
  2. The horses all have stripes of color in the tails and manes. Not like ribbons, like neon green and hot pink are part of the natural color. Maybe they've been to the salon?
  3. The horses talk. And the paint is Jamaican.
  4. The other farm animals talk too. The collie, Shep, sounds like Sean Connery. Apparently, he knows and can explain all of the equestrian skills to the cat and the pig. The cat, named Angora, sounds like Minnie Pearl.
  5. In Houston, at least, it came on before 6..along with several other cartoons. Um, maybe it's just me, not having kids and all, but I don't think kids should be up that early. I know growing up, we wouldn't have been in the living room alone that early.

I understand that it's a cartoon. And yes, it did have a message (competition isn't healthy when it works against relationships). And I understand that talking animals and unnatural hair colors feed a child's imagination (I am a teacher after all, so I get this). I just wish something in it actually seemed to simulate a reality more kids could relate to.

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2 Response to "Sunday morning cartoons"

  1. Girl con Queso says:
    Nov 26, 2006, 8:16:00 PM

    Horseland scares me.

  2. Schnozz says:
    Dec 13, 2006, 10:22:00 AM


    Just stopping by to let you know that the kindblog site has moved, and your sidebar link is no longer working. Please update your link to Thanks!

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