Okay..go read this post at As If!

My personal choices and beliefs aside, the story concerns me. I'm not concerned about those students who are standing up for their rights (you know, those inalienable ones).

No, I'm concerned about those students who will walk away feeling like second-class individuals, or heck, just sub-human because they don't fit a lawmakers concept of "the norm."

It's what I'm listening to here at work, too. I've had quite enough of the intolerant talks being had outside my office door. No, they aren't about me, or even specific people. Just general talks. By someone who should know better than to be so damned intolerant.
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1 Response to "Sad"

  1. Jane Poe (aka Deborah) says:
    Mar 31, 2007, 9:28:00 PM

    This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. What happened to the right to peacefully assemble ... I think Idaho legislators better read up on the Bill of Rights.

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