It's a beautiful day...

It's Thursday. This is a beautiful day.

It really is. I woke up, to find that The WonderDog had slept through the night, which he hasn't all week. In fact, we've been sitting here half an hour after our morning walk and he's dozed back off. He's seriously catching up after days of not being able to sleep.

More than that, I'm feeling renewed myself. I feel rested and happy today. I'm still not pleased with the things going on in the country, but I realize there's nothing left for me to do right now. I can, however, make plans for my garden in the spring, continue to save money and pay off my bills, and look forward to the Christmas season. This year will be good. And I need to plan ahead for the next. May seem a bit 'head in the sand' to some, but it's what I can function right now.

But, it's also just a beautiful day. It's Thursday, one more day in the work week. I'm heading to our land this weekend, and feeling way beyond content with me right now. It's beautiful today.

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