Every year, I give up something for Lent. Yes, I'm Presbyterian, so it's not really something that we normally do, but I like the idea of the self-discipline involved. I like the idea that I'm becoming somehow better because I've opted to deny myself some indulgence.

In previous years, I've given up different things

  • Indulgence foods. I can't say sweets, because that's not really my problem. More like a can of Pringles or a bag of Totino's Pizza Rolls
  • Coffee. But that didn't work well. See, that punished others. And that's not really the spirit of the season, is it?
  • Alcohol. Some years, this has been a bigger sacrifice than others. This year, it wouldn't be much of one.
  • Other things I choose not to mention.

And then, on Easter Monday, I tally up all the money I would've spent on those things and cut a check to a local charity.

This year, because I'm already on this diet and exercise program, so indulgence foods and alcohol isn't really an issue (ok, not really an issue isn't being fair--they aren't much allowed anyway, so giving them up isn't really a sacrifice.). Coffee, like I said, is punishing others, so that wouldn't be right.

So, I asked for suggestions. P suggested cussing--every time I do, I'll drop a nickel in a jar. Hmm...since I do have an issue with this, it'll work. It is an effort in self-discipline, which is really what Lent should be about. (I have these memories of a great aunt who gave up jewelry one year for Lent. Really? Jewelry? I swear she whined more about not having it than she learned anything from it.)

So..it's official..I'll put together some little gadget over in the sidebar where I'll track for you how much money a local charity is getting. Sometime near Easter, I'll put up a poll to vote for which charity I'll donate to.

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1 Response to "Lent..."

  1. Ms. Judy says:
    Feb 25, 2009, 9:11:00 AM

    It wouldn't contribute to the charity fund, but one year VickiB added something instead and did something like adopting a granny at the nursing home and visiting/participating actively. I guess it involved discipline since she had a pretty full plate already.

    Guess you could drop nickles in the snide comment jar and raise some funds. LOL

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