Couldn't stand it

Superiority isn't something that I typically seek out. I rarely try to exert it over someone else because I wind up feeling guilty and a little childish.

That being said, I've taken a secret pride in being a bit more technologically advanced than my best friend. I've been proud about because of everyone else I'm that close to, I'm the one scratching her head and looking confused when they start talking that techie stuff. (Well, except my grandmother, but one should be superior to one's grandmother in this area.).

So, it's been eating me. I do web design for several educational sites, own a kick-ass computer (even my love, the computer god, envies my computer), can talk anybody through the intricacies of Microsoft (and there are so many, aren't there?), own all kinds of gizmos for the computer...and I'm feeling small because my best friend has a blog he's been working on for a month. It makes absolutely no sense, but as I read his most recent ramblings this morning, I just couldn't take it anymore. I literally felt like I'd been one-upped and had to remedy it immediately.

Here it is...huh. Since he's "ahead of me" on number of posts, I'll have to one-up him by doing some design work.

It only bothers me a little that I'm feeling a bit childish. Then again, I work with high school students, it's probably rubbed off from them.
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1 Response to "Couldn't stand it"

  1. Ribalding says:
    Sep 10, 2004, 3:47:00 PM

    Now you're only 11,000 words and a counter behind.

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