Twice-told truth

R’s been posting about me again. I should be flattered, I suppose, but I’m not terribly.

My boyfriend broke up with me last week. I was devastated, then calm, then pissed (because he showed his ass, and from his behavior you’d have thought it the size of a mack truck). I’m not grieving, there’s no reason to grieve a prick.

R's been posting about my "process" so to speak. He posted about the conversation we had the night he went with me to pick my things up from the asshole's house. I, at his urging, voiced my wonderings about the elusive "us." We dated for nearly a year about 2 years ago. When we broke up, we became the best of friends, and yes, we had benefits. Lovely benefits. But the wonderings I voiced had little to do with the benefits.

He said he got it..but his blog reads differently. Why must men screw around like that?

Pardon the rant, I just read that post of his and had to spill.


Moving on. Do you recall your school bus driver, or at least have a vague memory of what bus drivers were rumored to be like? I had a run in with a real doozie this weekend (I coach speech and debate and we had a tournament this weekend.). I've had bus drivers that were total jerks to students, but never one that was a bitch to the adults on the bus. I can't recall the last time anyone yelled at me at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Probably the last damn time I was a student on the bus.

Again, some things never change.
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