What'll we do when...

So yesterday, I spent the afternoon with The Man. YAY! It occurred to me I'd never laid eyes on him before 5 o'clock. Kinda weird. After 7 weeks of knowing him, and I'd never laid eyes on him during the day. So, what'd we do with our rare Saturday afternoon? Ate lunch and took a nap.

I know, I know..we're wild and crazy people. Someone should stop us before we hurt ourselves.


Anyway, we're sitting there, watching swimming something or other races (are they called races?). A woman from Australia won and apparently set a world record in the event. Or very nearly. The Man posed an interesting question.

What's going to happen when we can't set any new world records?

Well, something along those lines. We talked about it. You know, at some point, people aren't going to be able to be any better/faster/bigger than whoever set the last record. Not without enhancements, anyway. And wouldn't that somehow miss the point?

The human drive to be "the best" escapes me. To a point, I want to be "the best," but really only at being me (hmm..pardon me while I channel a self-help book for a minute). I don't have any desire to be better at anyone or everyone at anything. At least not in the things that don't really count, to me at least. Like swimming or walking on water or bubble blowing.

What would I like to earn the world record in? Why..I'm glad you asked...
  • Being a daughter to my parents, a sister to my brother.
  • Loving the WonderDog.
  • Sitting still and enjoying silence.
  • Being happy with who I am.
  • Dealing with my 30th birthday. (geez..I'd also like that thought to stop hurting)
  • Being there for my friends.
  • Loving unabashedly, transparent and unashamed.

Hm...this post went down a different path than I thought it would. That's okay.

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1 Response to "What'll we do when..."

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Sep 13, 2006, 12:47:00 AM

    Why are records important?


    It's the magical need humans share to push further, peer deeper, and glimpse the sentient unknown around that next corner.

    Maybe we should, but we can't help ourselves.


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