Wait & Pray--Friday Five

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Sally reminds us that

Prayer is a joy to some of us, and a chore to others, waiting likewise can be filled with anticipation or anxiety....

Geez..this is SO true. Both that, and knowing that from day to day, I have a different experience with both prayer and waiting.

So how do you wait and pray?

1. How do you pray best, alone or with others? Mostly, I prefer to pray alone. Others wind up being a distraction for me. Not because of anything they set out to do, but because I notice things about them. Like, a sniffle, wiggling a foot, etc.

2. Do you enjoy the discipline of waiting, is it a time of anticipation or anxiety? It really depends on what I'm waiting for. I'd love to say waiting is easy for me, but I have very little patience.

3. Is there a time when you have waited upon God for a specific promise? I am right now. I'm also struggling with the notion that the promise isn't what I want it to be. (Long story short--I'm single and don't like it much.)

4. Do you prefer stillness or action? Again, it depends. Sometimes, I want an answer yesterday. Some days, I'm content to be still and wait until He opts to make a move.

5. If ( and this is slightly tongue in cheek) you were promised one gift spiritual or otherwise what would you choose to receive? I should probably say patience, but then He'd be all about TEACHING me to be patient. I'd like courage, I'd like wisdom. I'd like a deeper knowledge and understanding of Him.

And time..I never feel like I have enough of it and I often fear that I'm not devoting enough to Him.

For more thoughts about prayer and waiting, visit RevGalBlogPals this week.
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