Ten Things Tuesday

Hm...I haven't posted a 10 things in a couple weeks. Not that I haven't had plenty to be thankful for, I just haven't had time to sit and tell you what I'm thankful for. That's okay, I'll keep going to night until I run out of things to share (that'll make up for it, right? *grin*)

1. I met a man who knows what to do with these when he sees them:

For the record, it is not say "Ooo, look! A piggie!"

He makes me giggle ;).

3. The WonderDog has no fleas.
Did you know that vinegar and lemon juice diluted with water can be sprayed on your dog and it will either kill or run off fleas? Then, if you put salt down on your carpets and leave it overnight, it'll dehydrate the fleas who are mostly water. So, when you vacuum in the morning, they all go bye-bye. Do it again in a week or so to catch any new births from eggs laid.

4. I survived 4 days in Dallas. And the car trip that got me there.

5. I've inherited my grandmother's stoneware dishes from the 60s, maybe the 50s. I had no idea she owned these, but they're mine now. I've often felt like she's watching me since she passed four years ago. Now I have a little bit of her in my home.

6. I'm losing weight! I won't ask how or go into details. Just say YAY!!

7. The old-lady creams and potions I got from Avon are WORKING!

8. I got a replacement phone in the mail Friday. It's so nice to discover it working better than the first one EVER did.

9. I'm sleeping through the night again. I bought one of those noise machines. I set it on the ocean wave noise, and I'm out like a light.

10. It's been pretty and warm lately. I love this time of year, I get to feel pretty in my little sundresses and skirts.

11. Pedicures are heavenly. Right up there with new socks.

12. Read several good books lately. All for teenagers.

13. WonderDog is sleeping through the night, too. I guess the noise machine drowns out all the outside noise for him, too.

14. Go to YouTube. Search for "canine freestyling." You will laugh. I promise. Anything that makes me laugh is a blessing.

15. I've just been happy lately. I smile more, and fewer things annoy me.

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