My 2nd Thursday Thirteen (in week 139)

Thirteen Things about The WonderDog

1. When I picked him up at 5 and a half weeks old, he weighed only 12.5 ounces. (He was 8 pounds now).

2. For Christmas that year (when he was 6 and half weeks old), my brother and I had pictures made for our parents' gift. I took some by myself with WonderDog.

3. His mom is a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer and his dad's a yorkie. Both are registered.

4. He has 9 older sisters (5 in one litter and 4 in his).

5. He's the cutest of all 10 puppies. Seriously. That's not just his mom talking.

6. He skips when he's in a good mood. It's way too cute.

7. The yellow chair in my bedroom? Yeah, it's his. Not mine. I'm not allowed to sit in it.

8. He gets so excited about getting a treat that he crows.

9. He has no use for dogs. By that, I mean, he doesn't like dogs. He doesn't count, because he's not one.

10. Somehow, he always knows when I want to take a picture of him. He'll stop whatever cute thing he's doing that I wanted to capture and pose for the camera. Everytime.

11. He loves limeades from Sonic.

12. He knows no strangers. He might not like you a lot, but he'll fake it for a few minutes.

13. He can identify each one of his toys by the name I gave them. And he'll grab the right one everytime you send him after one.

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1 Response to "My 2nd Thursday Thirteen (in week 139)"

  1. LuluBunny says:
    Apr 7, 2008, 12:13:00 PM

    I haven't done T13 in a long time, but I just had to leave a comment anyway to say: your list is adorable, and your dog TRULY IS a wonder! :)

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