So, yesterday, I'm flipping through channels yesterday and land on Oprah. I have to explain--I don't watch Oprah. I believe that she's disturbed and completely well...off her rocker.

Yesterday, she had a panel of people on. All I caught was that she was checking in with a mother who had called in about a disturbing series of text messages her 12 year old son had received from another 12 year old after a failed first kiss. The girl had texted him saying she loved him and offering him oral sex. The mother's question was does she or does she not address the girl's mother?

Okay, easy answer...yes. You're daughter has some issues if she's 12 and offering that. Chances are not good that she just doesn't realize what she's said. Sady, twelve year olds know these days.

As disturbing as that was, what really disturbed me was that Oprah was giving this advice. I work with teenagers every day, but I would never dare to tell someone how to parent his or her child. Why? I'm not truly a parent. Sure, for 8-12 hours a day, I'm "mom" to my kids at school, and they know they can come to me. But I'm not really a parent.

So...because that disturb-ed me...Some music for you. I realize that this song doesn't lend itself to this issue well, but..that's not the point.

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