Friday done on Fridays! *wink*'s Friday. It's Halloween Friday, even. WonderDog's birthday is today. Since I have plans this evening, tomorrow he and I will make a pilgrammage to the big pet store and buy a new toy. And TREATS!

Today's Friday Five theme is "Positive Potpourri." This is the the time of year that we all start that craziness of fall and winter holidays--that goes right through to the first of the new year.

1) Your work day is done and the brain is fried, what do you do? I run home for a cuddle session with the WonderDog. And eat pasta. And find an episode of House.

2) Your work week is done and the brain is fried (for some Friday, others Sunday afternoon), what do you do? Vegetate. And read pure drivel.

3) Like most of us, I often keep myself busy even while programs are on the tv. I stop to watch The Office and 30 Rock on Thursday nights. Do you have 'stop everything' tv programming or books or events or projects that are totally 'for you' moments? House. Stop everything and watch it. As for an event..well, the WonderDog keeps me grounded, having to take him out for a walk just makes you slow down and breathe.

4) When was the last time you laughed, really laughed? What was so funny? Last night, actually. Mother had picked me up to go to a rehearsal. After rehearsal, we got all the way home--her home--and into the garage before we realized she hadn't taken me home yet.

5) What is a fairly common item that some people are willing to go cheap on, but you are not.
Socks. I'm all about fabulous socks. I don't buy Hanes socks.

It's become trite but is also true that we often benefit the most when we give. Go ahead, toot your own horn. When was the last time you gave until it felt good? students know that my reason for being is them. I am not above crying in front of them out of joy or frustration. I've dropped everything and run to help them more than once.

For more positivity this weekend, visit RevGalBlogPals.
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3 Response to "Friday done on Fridays! *wink*"

  1. will smama says:
    Oct 31, 2008, 7:56:00 PM

    Your comment about walking Wonderdog reminded me that in my most recent time of trial, once I recovered enough to walk the dog, rather than just let him out, we BOTH felt better.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. 1-4 Grace says:
    Oct 31, 2008, 8:00:00 PM

    Good socks are a wonderful thing...time with our pets is even better

  3. Pastor Julia Seymour says:
    Oct 31, 2008, 8:28:00 PM

    Great play. I said socks too because somehow "unmentionables" should remain unmentioned.

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