Puffed up my ego a bit

Got an email this morning from one of the owner/moderators for Bibliophilist today. Seems a review I wrote this summer of Little Chapel on the River, has shown up on the author's website (her name is Wendy Bounds). Woot! Makes me happy!

See it here...Reviews of Little Chapel on the River.

Now would be a nice time for all of you to stroke my ego a bit (it's in need of stroking today), if you feel so inclined.
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1 Response to "Puffed up my ego a bit"

  1. Glod says:
    Aug 23, 2005, 2:32:00 PM

    Sounds just the sort of book I don't read, but I think cartoons involving giant robots are cool, so good for you. Stokety stoke stoke.

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