Easy like Sunday morning...

Okay, so it's Saturday afternoon. But the day's been easy. Slow, but easy.

Did a run today. Sorta. It's not one of my "scheduled" days to run (those would be Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday). I found this training schedule for "couch potato to 5Ks" on the web. I'm on week 2. It hurts sometimes (read "everytime"), but hell, it oughta be worth it in the end.
Anyway, I ran today 'cuz I knew it would feel good. And it did..once I got back and showered and rubbed my legs down.

The Wonder Dog and I have been lazing about the whole afternoon. Usually, I do that on Sundays, but we've got an event at church tomorrow, so I'll be lucky to see my home before 9 p.m. Today was just a good day to throw some bad television on and commune with the couch. At some point, I'll get up and get dressed to go out. Some friends of mine from high school are going t some karaoke thing tonight and invited me along. They think I'll join them onstage. Ha. I won't get that drunk. Not by a long shot.

So, I went grocery shopping in the rain last night. There's nothing quite like dashing from the car to the door of Wal-Mart in the rain. (The umbrella was left, with the other 3, in my office. One day, I'll remember to bring those stupid things home.) I dash in, and get a buggy, do a quick check of how bad I look in the mirror by the Maybelliene display. Crap..that's what I looked like. Actually, more like a drowned rat, but it's Friday at the Wal-Mart, who do I have to impress?

$175 (yikes!) and 1 hour later, I've been hit on twice. Apparently, drowned rat is attractive to biker redneck. Who'da thunk it?

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