My 2 cents

This really disturbs me.

So, everyone's freaking out over Cheney. Of course, from what I can gather, in most arenas more are concerned that the American public didn't know until 15-18 hours after the event rather than the fact that he shot a man. Unless you happen to have lunch at my school. Apparently the laying of the blame was a HOT topic one day this week.

Who cares?

Please don't get me wrong--I'm sorry that the poor man was shot and subsequently suffered a minor heart attack. I mean, yes, hunting accidents are definitely a concern, but they happen. The majority of the time there is absolutely nothing newsworthy about them--they might garner a tiny blurb in the local paper. Certainly there's no reason to begin questioning the motives of the Cheney or the White House.

Had the man shot been a foreign dignitary that Cheney was entertaining and buttering up before some trade deal was negotiated, sure, I'd expect to hear about it on the news. But the man is an old friend. If the incident even merited news coverage, I can completely understand not publicizing it until being relatively certain that the man was okay.

There's nothing in stone that says a government official's personal life automatic property of the public and the media when he or she takes office. I realize that it does, de facto. That aside, absolutely nothing in the world should assume that the personal lives of their friends or colleagues should be public knowledge.
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1 Response to "My 2 cents"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Feb 16, 2006, 11:24:00 PM

    typical - teachers with nothing better to do ... LIKE TEACH!

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