Open letter to the chick at Victoria's Secret

Dear you,

Let me begin by saying that I am ever so glad you took that extra few seconds to touch up your hair and lipstick after I asked for your assistance. It made getting upset with you so much nicer, knowing that at least you looked/felt good.

I came into your store on a busy-ish Friday afternoon. The store wasn't packed, there weren't lines snaking out the door, but there were several people there. To be expected on the Friday a week before Christmas, I suppose. But still, it wasn't so busy that I would be silly to expect at least a little personal service.

After wandering the store rather aimlessly for a few minutes, I approached the counter that you were safely hidden behind and asked for your help. Please note, I did not approach while you were primping. Rather, the lipstick appeared after I said "Could I get some help, please?" Once you'd dropped the lipstick back in your pocket, and made sure that your perfectly coiffed hair was still, in fact, perfect, you turned to me with a flat expression.

"What do you need?"

Well. Okay. A smile might have been in order, but whatever. From here forward, let me list in order of offense the things you should have done differently.

1. When asked to help with a bra-fit, don't do it right there in the middle of the store. I realize that this might be mostly a personal preference, but I think my bra size is something the general public doesn't need to know. Rather than whip out your tape measure in front of the register, take me back to a dressing room.

2. Once you have divulged my measurements to the store at-large, the appropriate thing to do is to help me find "my perfect bra." Not point vaguely at the greater part of the selection and say "here's what we have" then turn back to an empty counter. So, I picked out what I was looking for. Next problem.

3. If I ask for more specific help, maybe--just maybe--you should provide it. I ask about the specific size you broadcasted earlier. You opened a drawer and disdainfully said "Here's where we keep that size." Now, I understand that the drawer is labeled that size and being an educated woman, I'd already figured out that the drawer you pointed out was where that size was supposed to be. But it wasn't. That was my point. I wasn't finding what I was looking for using your system the way I understood it. That's whyI asked for help. Go figure.

4. Remind your cohorts that poor service from one of you doesn't translate to poor service from the rest of you. I stood there, searching, digging through every drawer for what I needed. Three other sales associates walked past and smiled at me. No one asked if I needed help. I thought customer service was about the customer.

After spending 20 minutes searching fruitlessly, forgive me for being a tad petty and trite. I found one thing. One. Only one. I heard rumors there were more "somewhere" but since no one would help me, I couldn't find them.

So, I gathered up a few things and joined the line at your register. When my turn arrived, I placed my half-dozen things in front of you, and your eyes lit up (a BIG sale). You rung up each piece, then asked "Did you find everything you needed today?" No, actually, I didn't. "Well, you should've asked for help." Hm..seems like I did. A couple times. No response.

You rung up everything, then gave me a total. I dug in my purse for a minute...must be right here...then offered up a saccharin smile....sorry. I keep my credit card right here, right where it says "credit card," but I guess I can't find it. I turned and walked out.

Okay, so it was a tad petty and childish. Oh well. I wasn't in the mood to be adult, especially feeling like the time I'd carved out of the day to visit your store was wasted.

You know what makes it worse? Your tag said "store manager." No wonder the other girls didn't help, you haven't taught them how.
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1 Response to "Open letter to the chick at Victoria's Secret"

  1. Queen Beth says:
    Dec 21, 2006, 11:50:00 AM

    Can I just say that I just only found your blog today and I LOVE IT! I would have done the same thing. You rock!

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