Role Models

I'm sorry, this is a bit pathetic. "You're Not Fired."

I can't help but think that some little girl is out there thinking it's okay to behave the way this young woman did. I'm not saying that I never did those things, but not while I was in such a public position.

I think it's a breach of contract. Miss America should be upright and law-abiding. She should've been fired.
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1 Response to "Role Models"

  1. Queen Beth says:
    Dec 21, 2006, 11:48:00 AM

    Well, let's discuss Vanessa Williams shall we? She lost her title...why shouldn't this one too?? Ridiculous. I'm with you. And I hate the way they make her actions suddenly ok by sending her to rehab. Hollywood uses that as a way to absolve people of their sins. I hate it.....and I can say that because I'm a former addict.

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