It's been a while since I've done a post on what I'm watching on TV when I get up. It's a lazy morning, so I'll do that.

I've turned on CMT this morning. I really do like to watch music videos. I like to see what other people's ideas about the music. I like to see if my ideas are in line with ideas.

The first one I see is a live performance by Taylor Swift. It's her performance of 'Should Have Said No" on the ACMs this year. I like Taylor Swift because I think she really is talented, and I'm amazed that a 17 year old is doing this. However, I think as a live performer she's not all that great. Her voice lacks quality in my ear.

Hehe..Julianne Hough "That Song in My Head." What a fun song. And she's fun to watch. She's one of the Dancing with the Stars actually dancers (not the celebrity wannabe dancers).

Kid Rock's new one "All Summer Long." I'm not really much a Kid Rock fan, but I sure do like this song. It's my new summer favorite. (ok, so maybe not the part about "smokin' funny stuff")

Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene." I like this pretty girl gone witch. All of her songs are well..anthems for women who've been walked on. I love it.

"Home" by Blake Shelton. I love this sexy man. And this song is great. It's one of those things I can't explain, but it gets to me.

Sugarland's Stay. A song about "the other woman" realizing she doesn't have to lay there and wait for him to choose her--not that she should've put herself in that position in the first place, of course. Jennifer Nettles (1/2 the duo) is an emotional singer. She puts everything she has into what she sings. I saw them when the opened for someone else last summer. Amazing. Utterly amazing. And I love this blackbox video.

Jimmy guy out these days. Song's called "Do You Believe Me Now?" Apparently, the voice in this song had a premonition about losing his girl to another guy who looked at her. She laughed it off And then the guy got her. I like the song. It gives credence to all those who fear that sort of thing.

Alan Jackson "Good Time." Okay, cute song, I guess. I have this fear that I'm being sacrilegious here, I don't like Alan Jackson. Never have. I recognize his now some sort of country music icon,'s a beautiful day. Find me poolside.
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