Free associations again. The idea is you're given a word and you reply with one word. Don't forget...I can't follow directions well. *grin*

  1. Chemical :: allergies (from which I'm suffering a little right now)

  2. Poker :: ooo, a tie...face and "red-hot"

  3. Federal :: Income tax (waiting on my refund)

  4. Mattress :: not so heavenly (the hotel I stayed in had a "heavenly bed" that sucked.)

  5. Who am I? :: I don't know..who are you?

  6. Investigation :: Roger Clemens

  7. In good hands :: D

  8. 8:30 :: bedtime

  9. Creditors :: damn them

  10. Resource :: learning

For other free associations (which happen to be free!), check out Unconscious Mutterings.

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1 Response to "Do-ti-do-ti-do"

  1. Laane says:
    Mar 3, 2008, 4:40:00 AM

    A near match on 2.

    Nice to read your mutterings.

    You can find mine ::here::

    Have a great week!

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