Monday, Monday


Well, I was going to get all into this summer project of mine and cook something today. Bu I’m not feeling quite up to par, so I’m thinking the extent of my cooking today may be a grilled cheese. Or a run through the Jack in the Box on the way home. We’ll see.


I have, however, after telling M about my little project, started dreaming big. I’m gonna take this show on the road. No, seriously, I’m going to do this up, right. Check for the new tag “eating single” and be prepared for me to work hard at what I’m doing with this project.


This week, I’m going to mess with my lasagna recipe, see how to easily cut it down, and still make it healthy. I’ve taken to not buying meat much at home, preferring instead the soy varieties in the freezer section. I’m thinking I can easily make that work for me, so as to not have to buy ground meet or Italian sausage in bulk. Granted, for me, “in bulk” means that I’ve had to buy a whole pound of it. *grin* I’m also going to try my breakfast casserole baked in a ramikin.


I’m kind of excited. Ok, really excited. I’ve got a plan, and some ideas to get me started. YAY ME!

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