Sunday mornings in a small town

I was asked again last night why I still live and work in my small town. Really, at 20,000+, it's not a "small" town, but it has that feel for me. And you know, it's home.

I agree, sometimes you've got leave home to appreciate what's there, sometimes in order to find yourself. But there's 2 songs out on the radio right now that are very much speaking to me. The first is Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me."

I mentioned in the post for Sunday Scribblings, that I'm feeling a birth of newness in myself. As I laid in bed last night, radio going softly, I realized that it's so much more than that. I'm coming back to myself. I'm not pushing myself away from who I am anymore. Trying to be bigger and better, when I really just need to be little ol' me. Lady Antebellum's "American Honey" reminds me of that.

I'm digging Zac Brown Band's "Free" right now, too. The feel of the video is just one take on the song. For me, it's an affirmation of where I am right now--on the verge, but ever so free.

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