On sleeping in (the thoughts of one who can't do it)

I've heard for years about this concept of "sleeping in."  My first thought is always "in what?" Your bed? new pajamas? Socks (in bed, really? YUCK!)? A bowl of spaghetti? WHAT are you sleeping in?

Then the person will clarify--"I just love leaving the alarm clock off and getting extra sleep." OOOOOH, gotcha.

No, actually, I don't. I would love to sleep late. Hell, most nights I'd just love to sleep. But sleeping in would be good too. My plans to sleep in are always thwarted though. Sometimes my internal clock just says "get up." Sometimes there's just too much on my plate to sleep in. Other times, wakefulness comes in the form of a still, small....nose in my neck from a little dog who needs to potty NOW. The WonderDog's internal alarm is more finely tuned than mine. Maybe I need to replace the battery in mine. Oh wait, that's why I drink coffee. *grin*

Anyway, was up and moving at 6 this morning. I've given The WonderDog his morning constitutional, made coffee, watched the weather, and watered all my new plants. (Does anyone have any idea why my firebush is looking so peak-ed? Seriously..comment. I've been watering like the guide said to and it's just not happy.) Thought I'd get online and be the first commenter for the Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals, but I'm apparently up before that crew this morning. They, obviously, can sleep in when they want to.

As I sit here at my desk in my still new office (two weeks new), I'm watching the morning pilgrimage to the coffee house. My house is conveniently located at the other end of the shared alley. This is dangerous for me, but so far I've limited myself to two visits since moving in. Though I did borrow their patio for a little quiet Sunday afternoon. I've gotten to where I recognize the cars coming by, the regulars. It's nice to feel like there's a routine out there, even if it's not mine.

The WonderDog is nestled in my lap, I'm on cup of coffee number 2, and a glance at the clock tells me that I'm already behind schedule for my shower, seeing as how I have to drive into the Big City today to visit my doctors. Ah, well, there will be a break in there to do a little musing and grab a cup of coffee. I'm already trying to scope out a park in my brain, or a bookstore with a quiet corner for my in between times today.

Enjoy your Friday--when you finally get up this morning. *wink*
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