Random thought on a Saturday morning

I’ve moved into this new place, have lots more space, a bigger kitchen. And no microwave.


I expect gasps here, but really it’s okay. I’ve decided to try not using one here at home. Granted, the work one is available to me, but I really want to see if I can manage without it. Goodness knows I don’t need the sodium-filled foods that I find in the freezer section of my local grocery store. Really, who does need those?


I made a comment to a friend last night—not the first time I’ve made this comment in the last couple weeks—that I don’t believe in leftovers. Seriously, they’re against everything in me. Can’t imagine why you’d want to eat the same foods days in a row when you can make each day special with it’s own meal. Who cares if that “own meal” is occasionally a bowl of cereal or a scrambled egg?


Not believing in leftovers makes cooking for a single girl a bit of a challenge. I have plenty of “for two” recipes, but that still leaves leftovers. Granted, sometimes those make it to work with me for lunch the next day, but more often than not they don’t. And some of my best recipes, like my lasagna or breakfast casseroles, I’ve never figured out how to make for just one.


So, my random thought today went something like this (bear with me, it was a little groggy, I got to sleep late for the first time in weeks and haven’t had coffee yet.) …..


I’m going to learn how to adapt recipes for single people. It’s a trial and error. It’s gonna be a mess. BUT, it solves not only my dilemma with leftovers (because, forgive me, even if I don’t believe in leftovers, I can still hear that classic 1980s parental line “there are starving children in Ethiopia), it also provides me with a challenge this summer.


And fodder for all you darlings to read here. Or maybe it’s an excuse to get me writing again. Whatever!


By the way…did anyone else ever want to respond to the Ethiopia line with “it really doesn’t matter if I eat all my peas or not.”

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