New Home, New Mindset

My mindset the last few months has truly, truly been yucky.
Okay, not really truly, truly...but just not where it needs to be. But I've had several things change for me lately. Starting with home. I"m not in an apartment anymore, just moved into a house. It's bigger, it's quieter, and it has a place that I can dedicate myself to working--both on my side business and on my writing. It even has, get this, a desk. I'm utterly amazed.
But I really do intend to be better about the discipline of working and writing at home. Hmm, I started to type "righting" instead of "writing." That's rather telling to me. I know there's a lot of righting I need to do in my home life, my inner self. Not that I'm falling apart or incredibly wrong by any means, but I'm not right.
I've got a plan. Got an accountability thing going. Part of that, I think, will likely be my frequency here. This is by far, the easiest way for me to start proving to myself that I'm being busy here.
We shall see...

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