All the news that's fit

Here we go...yet another turn around the news world.

Pope says he's starting to learn his job
Well, thank goodness! It's only been 15 months. I do have to question his circular logic there on the subject of holidays. I'm sorry, it's not a holiday if you do work.

Woman in doghouse over Jehovah's Witness sign
Excuse me? 'Gentle joke?' My ass. Granted, I think it's pretty damn ridiculous of Witnesses to make housecalls on Christmas Day, but there's nothing gentle about that sign.

Human hand, skulls found at stripper's home
Hm...methinks there's a lesson here.

Inmate includes own name in bomb, anthrax threats
You know, I've always heard that the prisons are full of geniuses. Okay, so it's "full -1."

Mistrial declared in cell phone case.
Note to self: Just let The Man see the phone. I've nothing to hide anyway.

Rice shares ASEAN stage with furry green frogs
Oh, this is weird. I'm so glad Condoleeza went with something a bit more serious.

Malaysia draws up list of unsuitable names for children
Okay, this might, might just be taking political correctness a tad too far. Obviously, I won't be raising my family there--oh, btw, meet my daughter, Yellow Carrot.

ER closed, Hazmat called after birds fall from sky
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