Okay, I've been thinking about posting this for a couple of weeks. I haven't gotten around to it, because it's a bit embarassing. And I'm a little afraid that I'll be judged.

But I have to get it off my chest.

The WonderDog is into bondage.

There, I said it. Should I explain?

I bought The WonderDog (Wonder, for short) one of those harness things PetCo sells. Wonder has this crazy idea that taking a walk includes pulling at the leash at full force. I'm afraid at some point he's going to wind up hurting his neck, or bruising a vocal cord or something. (Hm..let me rethink the vocal cord thing. He'd be quieter then, right?) So, we went shopping and found a bright blue harness for him to wear.

When we crawled back in the car, I put it on him--no reason to wait to, you know? INSTANTLY, he calmed down. Just settled right down, and sat in his own seat instead of my lap. Hm. Okay. Whatever.

Now he won't let me take it off of him. He does this pissed puppy growl thing when I even touch it. Think "gnashing of teeth." But if you leave it alone, he's damn near an angel. Okay, so the halo is crooked, but geez, he's still young.

On the rare occasions I do get it off of him, he is fine. Back to normal Wonder mode (read: unruly and ornery.) Just don't let him see it somewhere. He goes bonkers trying to get it. Extremely crazy--crying, clawing, climbing. Ugh. Once it's on him--back to the angel.

I can't take it. My dog's stranger than I am.
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