That top level in Dante's Inferno...

is Tulsa.

I'd swear it. I mean, heat indexes of 110 and higher? That's gotta be a level of Hell. Just gotta be.
I know this, because I'm in Tulsa right now. It's nearly midnight and the temperature is a cool 90 degrees out. 90!! There's something wrong with a place that hot at midnight. Ugh.

Have you played with Yahoo!Answers yet? You've GOT TO go do this. I've had so much fun. It's my new way to procrastinate instead of writing. It's way addicting.

I've spent entirely too many hours having to sit still and listen today. I'm so wired.

(Wait, looking up the screen, did I say something was 'way addicting.' Geez.)

Anyway, wired, really wired. The Man (read "the man in my life") even noticed it on the phone earlier. I just couldn't say enough. It was crazy.

Whew..just hit a wall. Ugh.

But you know what...I'm really happy right now. Might be The Man's fault.
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