Around the web in...well, until I get tired.

Looking around the web this morning, I've found some stones--precious, semi-precious, and pebbles. Here's what I've seen so far:

  • This could honestly be the worst picture I've seen of Brittany Spears. She looks like a fat cow. No, no..wait...THIS is the worst one I've seen. Really, people, what were we thinking?
  • The link on the MSN site said "Hasselhoff Injures Arm While Shaving." First thought--WTH? Honey, you've been doing this awhile, haven't you learned yet to shave above the collar bone? Then you read the second paragraph. That's right, folks, only in the second one do they tell us what really happened.
  • LOVE this blog: Writing on the Moon. Already on the BlogRoll.
  • You know, the proper way and when to display the U.S. Flag was always taught in my elementary and middle schools. Why don't kids have any clue anymore? Is it not P.C. to teach it anymore?
  • Finally, someone has reported on the changing face of NASCAR. I told you people it wasn't just for rednecks anymore.
  • LOOK! Two reasons to visit Amsterdam.
  • Most places just put a bunch of nails on flat surfaces to keep pigeons away.
  • How would you NOT know THIS until you were awake?

Okay, on that note...I've got to put this away. That's just too much for me this early in the morning.

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