I've been found

Jason over at A life in the day found my email address and "contacted me direct." I'm not concerned, I actually think it's kinda cool that someone took the time to do it.

He asked how I'd found his blog--apparently I'm the first stranger to blogroll him. Honestly, I can't remember how I wound up on it. I tend to go shopping on other blogs. Sometimes I look for different things to write about or put on my blog. Other times, I just check out what others have linked to--blogs, websites, whatever. Fifteen or 20 clicks later, I can't figure out where I started, but I've found some real gem that's worth being added to my list. And so, I ran across Jason's blog. I've been perusing it, back stuff and everything, for about a month. It's pretty good. I think he and I have a similar writing style, which is probably why I'm attracted to the blog.

Oh, hey..dig a bit deeper into his profile, and you find his site SecondSalon. He's got some amazing photographs on there. Enjoy.
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