I stole this from Poet Mom, who I found thanks to Poetry Thursday.

How do you like your eggs? either soft-scrambled (so they're still fluffy, not dry) or over-medium.

How do you take your coffee/tea? Double cream, double sugar.

Favorite breakfast foods: Honestly..oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal, with milk, honey, and dry cranberries.

What kind of dressing on your salad? Really good blue cheese.

Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper. Or Diet Coke. Coke and Pepsi both are nasty unless they're diet.

You're feeling lazy. What do you make? Pasta with bought-sauce. (I usually make my own on the spot.)

You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? thin crust canadian bacon and pineapple.

You feel like cooking. What do you make? I LOVED the beginning of Poet Mom's answer---"Do I really? How odd of me." No, really, I like to cook. I'm probably making some sort of kill you on the spot Southern comfort food.

Do any foods bring back good memories? Hm...lasagna always makes me think of the first year my dad decided we'd have lasagna for New Year's. Buttermilk pie always thinks of dinners at Grandma's.

Do any foods bring back bad memories? Geez, I can't think of any.

Do any foods remind you of someone? Buttermilk pie makes me think of my grandmother, cinnamon rolls (homemade ones) make me think of my grandfather.

Is there a food you refuse to eat? Pakistani, Indian. Most fruits and vegetables (just not a green fan), liver,, it might be eaiser to list what I will eat.

What was your favorite food as a child? Hm...spaghetti-os. With 'meatballs.'

Is there a food that you hated as a child but now love? Avocados

Is there a food that you loved as a child but now hate? Um...probably something Grandma tricked me into eating.

Favorite fruit & vegetable: Blackberries and carrots

Favorite junk food: Something salty

Favorite between meal snack: Yep..something salty

Do you have any weird food habits? I eat chili dogs with mustard for breakfast.

You're on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? Um...I don't know, probably salads.

You're off your diet. Now what would you like? Lots of pasta

How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? No to the Indian. Thai, about a 5, maybe a 6.

Can I get you a drink? Certainly. A great 'rita or maybe a vodka tonic (Grey Goose please)

Red wine or white? Yes.

We only have beer: Domestic? Shiner. Foreign? How about a St. Pauli Girl?

Favorite dessert? Well, something chocolate probably. Or, buttermilk pie.

The perfect nightcap? Hot chocolate with some Godiva liquer. Or a kiss from The Man. (no, you can't eat it, but whatever.)
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